ServSafe Certification in Utah

Most Food Service Managers know that Utah food service establishments must have at least one full-time, certified manager per facility. If you are that manager, keep in mind your certification expires in three years, not the five-year date listed on the certificate. If you would like to attend a ServSafe Course, followed by the exam, Utah Food Certification offers those every Monday in Sandy, Utah. Another option is to attend a course scheduled by a company for all of its managers. Most companies are great about allowing managers, from other establishments, to attend courses at their corporate offices. Just contact us, and we’ll let you know about upcoming ServSafe Courses.

Managers are super busy, however, and often don’t have the time to spend an entire day in a class/exam. And yet, there’s still the fear of failing the exam without reviewing the information. So, here are some suggestions for you, Busy Manager:

1. STUDY ON YOUR OWN: If you want study material, just email us. We’ll send it to you when you schedule your exam. Also, If you would like to borrow one of the new, 7th Edition, ServSafe Manuals to study from, we’d be happy to lend one to you.

2. TAKE AN ABBREVIATED COURSE: There is a shortened course on this site for managers who are re-certifying. It’s still a time commitment (though not SIX HOURS), but you can watch it in sections, according to your schedule.

3. REVIEW THROUGH A LIVE FOOD HANDLER COURSE: Several managers have Utah Food Certification come teach the Utah Food Handler Course to their employees, on site, in a live class. The managers use the class as a review for the ServSafe Exam. After the Food Handlers finish their exam, we proctor the ServSafe Exam for the managers in a private area. It’s a great way to get everyone compliant and knowledgeable on site, at the same time.

4. JUST A QUICK REVIEW: Several managers want only a brief review of Minimum Cooking Temperatures, the Temperature Danger Zone, and other basics. Should this appeal to you, just indicate when scheduling the exam. With this option, we will still send study material to you prior to the ServSafe Exam date.

Should you have any questions, at any time, regarding the rules about serving and preparing food according to food code standards, contact us. We love to answer those questions whether you are testing through our company or not!