New ServSafe 7th Edition Manuals Available

Finally! The 7th Edition ServSafe Manager Manuals are available! These manuals have the most recent Federal Food Code changes. Keep in mind that the information in these manuals is fantastic for food safety in general. Food Service Establishments should keep them on hand for their Food Handlers and Managers to study, as well as a quick reference guide for all things food safety. (Or you can just give Utah Food Certification a shout-out with your questions.) If you are interested in purchasing one or more, let us know. We will try to combine orders of several establishments to offset the rather pricey shipping and handling costs. The price of the ServSafe manual without the shipping is $50.50.

This manual is a much easier read than the 300-plus page legal document we know as the Federal Food Code. (Ignore that last statement if you’re a total geek like me and get off on reading that kind of stuff.)