Manager Certification Every Three Years Instead of Five . . . WHY??

We get a LOT of questions about why certified managers in food service establishments have to re-certify every three years in the state of Utah. It’s particularly annoying to most managers because their certificates show an expiration of five years. Well, it’s because Utah is more strict regarding re-certification than the federal government and most other states are. (Food Code is the source wherein governments outline all their rules and regulations regarding food preparation and service for Food Service Establishments.) Food Code for the State of Utah cites this document,, regarding re-certification law. Here is how it is stated:

(1) A person must answer at least 70% of the questions correctly on a Department- approved examination to pass the examination; except that the examination developer may set the passing score for an examination that it demonstrates to have been developed in accordance with the Standards For Educational And Psychological Testing published by the American Psychological Association.

(a) The examination developer must submit documentation to the Department supporting its claim.

(b) The Department shall review the documentation and determine the validity of the claim.

(2) A person who successfully passes a Department-approved examination must provide documentation of that to the local health officer within sixty days of receipt of the documentation to be certified as a food safety manager. A photocopy of the documentation is acceptable. If a certified food safety manager commences work in a different local health jurisdiction he shall notify the local health officer in that jurisdiction.

(3) A person who completes the requirement in R392-101-7(2) shall be considered to be certified as a food safety manager throughout Utah.

(4) Food safety manager certifications are effective for three years from the date the applicant receives documentation of a passing score from the testing organization.

As someone in the industry, this may be an annoyance. However, if you occasionally eat out, it’s probably a welcome rule. #perspectiveiseverything