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10653637_10204462806868790_7874420115893632501_nUtah Food Certification strives to deliver the most up-to-date training in Food Handler Permits and ServSafe Managerial Certification. We know how busy the retail food industry can be! Our aim is to take a few things off your plate so you can focus on the bigger issues at hand.

Convenience is an important part of what we offer. Want to complete the Utah Food Handler Permit training and exam from home? We have it all online for you. As a busy manager, do you need someone to keep tabs on employees' permits which are due to expire? We'll do that for you. Would you prefer live classes for your employees? We will come to your establishment.

Do you need to take the ServSafe Course? You can schedule a live class, hop on an existing class, or take the course online. You may take the exam at a live class, or schedule an exam if you take the online course. Don't need to take the course, but want to study a bit before the exam? Avail yourself of our study material prior to scheduling your test. Lastly, if you have questions about Federal Food Code or Utah's Food Code, please feel free to call. We are your advocates in food service safety and food safety certifications.

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